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[London. 8 March - 16 April] London African Music Festival

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Annonces [London. 8 March - 16 April] London African Music Festival Annonces
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Comme l'annee derniere London African Music festival 2004, C'est reparti pour un tour

Debut demain soir avec MC Solaar

Tue 8 Mar 2005
7:30 pm Royal Festival Hall £22.50 - £18.50
MC Solaar + TY and Band
Rapper MC Solaar is one of the world's greatest rap artists today. With a cracking band creating sonic rhythms, his music becomes majestic and totally unpredictable.

Thu 10 Mar 2005
7:45 pm Queen Elizabeth Hall £20 - £15
Claude Deppa Group with guest vocalists Rachel Magoola, Paulina Oduro & Ayinke Martins
Three African divas, Rachel Magoola, Paulina Oduro and Ayinke Martins, join forces with South African trumpeter Claude Deppa and his 7-piece band for this unique project that embraces the shared history of their many cultures.

Sat 12 Mar 2005
8:00 pm Purcell Room £12.50
Abdul Raheem
Trombonist and a founding member of Osibisa, Abdul Raheem is one of the unsung heroes of West African music. With his tight 10-piece group Tayaman he performs music from his current CD, bringing together his love of hi-life, funk, jazz and R&B.

Sun 13 Mar 2005
8:00 pm Chelsfield Room £7.50
An Audience with Lucky Ranku
One of Africa's greatest guitarists, South African Lucky Ranku performs an intimate solo concert and discusses his life in music.

Wed 16 Mar 2005
7:45 pm Queen Elizabeth Hall £20 - £15
Teofilo Chantre If you love the morna blues of Cesario Evora then prepare yourself to fall in love with her long time guitarist and writer Teofilo Chantre. He has taken Cape Verde's traditional morna ballad and added R&B and funk to create one of the most beautiful music in Africa today.

Fri 18 Mar 2005
7:45 pm Queen Elizabeth Hall £20 - £15
Boubacar Traore
Boubacar Traore creates an inspirational African blues that is sparse, acoustic and melancholic, singing life-enhancing songs of sorrow and love that make you cry and laugh at the same time.

Sun 20 Mar 2005
7:45 pm Queen Elizabeth Hall £22.50 - £17.50
Yvonne Chaka Chaka
The country's top selling female singer, Yvonne Chaka Chaka - together with her full South African band - combines African rhythms and western pop sensibilities to create one of the most soulful music in Africa today.

Sun 27 Mar 2005
3:00 pm Purcell Room £12.50
African Guitar Masters - Lucky Ranku, Kari Bannerman & Abdul Tee-jay
Three outstanding guitar masters, South African Lucky Ranku, Ghanaian Kari Bannerman and Sierra Leonian Abdul Tee-jay, perform their interlocking guitar lines, backed by a superb rhythm section.

Sun 27 Mar 2005
8:00 pm Purcell Room £12.50
Rachel Magoola
Uganda's number one diva Rachel Magoola brings her seamless hybrid of African cross rhythms, R&B and funky modern beats that create a world music dance floor smash to the heart of London.

Wed 30 Mar 2005
7:30 pm Royal Festival Hall £25 - £15
Koffi Olomide + The Queens of Lagos
Congolese soukous is one of the most passionate dance music in the world and its undisputed king is Koffi Olomide who fuses deep funk and reggae to make the music even more infectious.

Sat 16 Apr 2005
8:30 pm Royal Festival Hall £30 - £20
King Sunny Ade Who better to end the Africa Remix festival than Africa's most successful artist, Nigeria's King Sunny Ade, with the rich eloquence of the massed talking drums, chiming guitar lines, call and response of the backing singers, the hip shaking, gravity defying dancers and King Sunny Ade's own majestic presence.


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