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Marques de cosmétiques Afro appartenant à des Noirs.

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Annonces Marques de cosmétiques Afro appartenant à des Noirs. Annonces
   Article posté par Mugen le 19 Novembre 2009 à 22:03  S'abonner au Flux Rss Mode - Beauté - Santé: Partager cet article sur Facebook Partager cet article sur Twitter Partager cet article sur Myspace Partager cet article sur Partager cet article sur Google bookmarks Partager cet article sur Netvibes Partager cet article sur Viadeo Partager cet article sur Linkedin    

J'ai pensé que cette info pourra intéresser certains/certaines d'entre vous, car 80% des 9 milliards que cette industrie génère chaque année va dans la poche des Coréens.

Fabricants Noirs :
Carol's Daughter-
Natural Oasis-
Afrikan Republic-
African Royale (Bronner Brothers-
Essations Multi-textural –
California Curl
Dudley Hair care products
Takedown Hair products-
Isoplus –
African Wonders-
S-Curl (lusters)
Extasi Hair Products
BB (Bronner Brothers)
Madrid's International Hair care products.
iLora L'original Hair products
Boundless Tresses (very very good)
Natures image: Twist n' locks
Royal Roots
Diva By Cindy-
sizta 2 sizta - Great Quality Great Price-
Oyin Products
HairVeda products-
Claudio St James Hair Products
Global Beauty (hair tools)
Black Magic (For men)
Kizure Hair Products (Hair tools)
Mr. Leonardo hair products (Hair restoration)
Princess Kayla’s Natty locks hair products
Wonder Gro hair products
Komaza Care
Treasured Locks
Jessie's Curl

Fabricants non-noirs :

African Pride
African Best
African Gold
Care Free Curl (L'oreal)
Creme of Nature
Dark and Lovely (L'oreal)
Doo Gro (Coréen- Revlon)
Dr. Miracles (White)
Mizani (Coréen- Revlon)
Motions (Alberto Culver)
Fabulaxer (Coréen- Revlon)
Gentle Treatment (Johnson and Johnson)
IC Products (Fantasia - Coréen)
Let's Jam (L'oreal)
Keracare (Avlon)
Optimum Care (L'oreal)
Relaxed and Natural (Pantene)
Mane N' Tail
Afro Sheen
Soft & Beautiful
Perm Repair
Infusium 23
Smooth n shine
Sulfur 8
Ultra Sheen
Wave Neuveau

Sources :

As many of you already know, the Koreans profit 80% of the $9 billion dollar (and growing) industry that is black hair care. If you didn't know that, then you also may not know that Blacks only count for about 5% of the market that was created for us and by us.
Black Beauty Suppliers find it very difficult to get a hold in this industry because of:

1. The discrimination that goes on with Korean manufacturers and distributors who hold the monopoly. Korean manufacturers will not sell products to Black owned wholesalers or retailers, and when they do it's at sky high prices. In that same right, Korean retailers don’t buy from Black manufacturers.
2. The rising number of Korean bootleggers manufacturing low quality knock-off products such as Blue Magic, Hair food, and Dax (lanolin with food coloring) for pennies and selling it to you after 400% inflation.
3. The ever growing "CHI" scam (passing off cheap low quality flat irons for various authentic ceramic brand names). Purchasing them for $1.00 each and selling it to you for $30 or more.
4. Manufacturing shaved Yak hair and selling them as "natural" or "human" hair.
5. Let's not forget that the koreans don't give damn about Black women or their hair. And the dicey products we've purchased from them have robbed us of our crowning glory.

It's highway robbery. In my research of Black hair care, I have found that some of the best quality products are made in Black laboratories. However, Korean establishments will not purchase most of them nor sell them in their stores. So you never get access to them. Instead you have thousands of young black females walking around with Vaseline and Yak ass hair on their heads thinking they're following good hair practices.
Now, don’t think our anger is misplaced. We certainly don’t blame the Koreans for beating us at our own game, but enough is enough.
The nine billion dollars we put into their pockets every year gets spent in their establishments, and the tax goes into their communities.
And we wonder why our schools can't get enough textbooks or qualified teachers.
We wonder why playgrounds take years to be constructed in our neighborhoods.
We don't spend enough money in our communities.
We have to take back our industry, and this is where you ladies come in. The Koreans may control 80% of the business. But WE control the Money. Buy black owned beauty products from black beauty supply stores. Change the flow of exchange from $9 billion dollars into the Koreans pockets and put it into the hands of Black people who are struggling to make our communities a real community, and not a ghetto.
To help you with that I made a list of some of the more popular (or good quality) Black owned product lines (Many of which have websites). To find listings of Black owned Beauty Supply stores and salons in your area go to (or check your search engines). if you have any Black owned beauty salons or Beauty Supply stores in your area not on the list, encourage them to register with the Black Owned Beauty Supply Association ( and let's help connect the Black dots and form a more powerful Enterprise.

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